Way Out of Our League

Damn it am I becoming one busy dude. So the silver storm hit, then the weirdos attacked, then we kicked em. But it was just a beginning, we had to clear the rubbles, evacuate the wounded, you know… Be the good guys. Anyway, once we were kinda done, the police arrived, lieutenant Maggie brokrey or something like that. She was nice enough, offered us a cup of Joe,congratulated us and thanked us for our help. I like her. But when she asked for names well, I knew I was the crimson blink but apparently my mates didn’t put much thought about their identities… Wait! You will never guess who is Athena, you know, the hot chick a tad bossy with the armor? I’ll give you a second.

Mila Papadopoulos herself! I’m befriending VIPs! Or sort of anyway… So Maggie told us the Feds would be there soon and ask questions so… I kinda left. I enjoyed a few margaritas in a beach club, watching the news, while my new found friends made the acquaintance of the agents Dick 1 and Dick2. Don’t laugh, I didn’t make this up. Then they met a guy from A.E.G.I.S., agent spring roll according to ski man. But hey, didn’t really matter. I realised during the night as I was falling asleep that I crossed the emo chick on the campus, gotta find out more about her.

So the next day, since the news dubbed us the emerald city knights, I told myself I should try and meet my new buddies. And where else to start looking than ground zero? So there I was, having a smoke on a rooftop when I spotted em showing up one after the other. Ski man had a new suit, kinda class, without ski goggles. So I guess his name won’t make much sense from now on but hey…
Strangely, they asked the coppers who closed the perimeter for permission to get in. I saw Maggie vouching for them and letting em in. That was the girls actually, Ski man made a more dramatic entrance by landing right next to them. I showed up next.
We looked around and found the debris of a Red Shield truck (or red shift, not sure. One of the companies linked to Marstech). Said truck was identified as the origin of the explosion. We found some weird whitish powder in it. Ski man brought us to his lair ( a freaking fridge in Antarctica filled with bot servants) where we analysed the powder and realised it was nanites. Yeah, like in a SciFi flick. So we wondered where it could be from and came up with the conclusion that it was way too advanced to be from earth. I know right? So we wondered how to meet mister Mars for a little chat, when in Mila’s Owl’s nest we heard him on the news inviting us for cake.
If it had been up to me we’d have gone then and there but Mila is a bit of a bossy control freak, so I played along and we called first to get an appointment.
We went the following day. A cute P.A. escorted us to Mr Mars’ office. He seemed nice. Limitless kinda nice. Offered us a drink, which I gladly accepted of course. Shame was that I barely had my margarita in hand when another bunch of weirdos showed up. Knight lance girl, Tempus fugit, Canon and Gargantua. Way tougher than the last weirdos we met. ‘Twas a hard fight, Mila focused on the giant’s balls, I tried each of em. But I really didn’t make a huge difference as a hitter. So I came back to my old style, back from the days I worked with Candy: I’d just piss them off so the others would kick the crap out of em. It worked alright, they eventually retreated. Giant boy wasn’t that great at escaping and Ski man caught him. He called agent pei mei to come and collect him.

But now things got really interesting, the freaking freedom league showed up! Metropolis, bowman, 7 and the speedster (forgot his name). For a second I got really excited, I mean the guys are legends! But metropolis was weird, not really friendly to put it mildly. I grabbed Maxi and took him as far as I could. We ended up in the middle of the freaking desert. It took me a second to catch my breath and all he could say instead of thanking me for obviously saving his life was that he wanted to go back! So I tried to reason him but he became quite obnoxious and wouldn’t have it any other way. So I brought us back.
While we were gone Mila and ski man tried to talk with the league, but Blue (emo girl from campus) fought teeth and nails. God bless her. Anyway, my newfound bff Maxi wanted to talk with em so I surrendered. Ski bro had to wrestle Blue to calm her down. And then She arrived. Raven. Majestic, hot as hell, and oh my God just… I dunno, for once I’m out of words. She held my hand, she talked to me. Not sure what she said, but it was directed to me!
Anyway, she chatted Maxi up, then grabbed Bowman and the others and left. Which was kinda cool because he really got on my nerves, chatting up my girls and calling me boy! Me! I’m probably of an age with him!
Calm down James, you’re better than that.
So once they left Maxi finally told us why he wanted to meet with us. Sorry, first before I forget Knight chick and the others were from F.O.E. ( you know, the “secret” mercenary evil company in town?) So yeah, what Maxi wanted with us was basically offering us a job. He wants us to enter the Sentinels. Well, after today’s adventures I’m not sure he still wants us so much but the offer is there. We got his card and an appointment tomorrow to the emerald tower. I guess it could have been worst, we could be dead… So let’s cheer up and wait and see! The crimson blink and co might become famous after all…

Did I mention that I trust Maxi about as much as I would trust Mason? Don’t think I did. So I’ll play along and see what comes next, since anyway the folks from E.C. will defo need our help, but at the first wrong or suspicious move from my bff, ima kick his ass all around the globe and watch him try to sit.
Guess it’s lap dance time, ruby and sapphire are probably oiled up and waiting to their fav student. I’ll keep you posted.
Blink out.

Way Out of Our League

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