The Crimson Blink/ James Stark

good looking, smart mouthed, teleporting swordmaster


STR: 1 AGI: 3 FGT:5 WIL: 3 STA: 1 DEX:2 INT: 2 PRE: 3

Ddg:3(10) Pry:5(10) Frt:8 Tgh:1(5) Wil:10 Init:3(16)

ADVANTAGES: evasion, instant up, move by action, uncanny dodge, connected, set up 3, takedown 2, taunt, attractive, defensive roll 2, close attack 2, ranged attack 2, equipment 3

Unarmed 7
Swordsmanship 15
Deception 13/15
Insight 7
Persuasion 9/11
Stealth 9
Technology 8
Phase shift 12
Marksmanship 6

Homo Superior Regenerating abilities:
regeneration 10, immunity aging, immunity disease 12PP

Crimson Artifacts of Teleportation:

Crimson Amulet 61 (removable -12) 48 points.
Crimson speed (33): Quickness 7, Teleport 7 (1/2 mile) accurate, change direction, change velocity, turnabout.(24),
Teleport blink: reaction teleport 2(120ft/37m), trigger=imminent attack; change direction 1pts
Teleport jump:teleport 8( 1mile/1.6km), accurate, change velocity, change direction, increased mass 7 (can carry up to 6 tons to teleport), extended, limited to extended (brings teleport to 16 (250miles/402km) in two move actions, dazed and vulnerable for one round on arrival.


Hard Target (28): enhanced advantages 8 (seize init, improved init 4, defensive roll 3); enhanced defenses 20 (parry 10, dodge 10)

Rebellion (Phase Shifting Sword)
Blink’ sword: 35 pts (removable -7) 28pts

Feature: appear and disappear at will (free action) 1 points.
Strenght based damage Multiattack 8, penetrating 8, enhanced advantages 4 ( improved defense, improved smash, weapon break, redirect) Accurate 4 (32 points)
Phase Ranged Attack: Ranged Damage 8, Penetrating 8, accurate 4 (1pts)
Phase Shift Flurry: Burst area 3, strength based damage 6, selective (1pts)


Born James Francis McEvoy on the 17th of July 1979 in Detroit, James was just a normal kid until summer 1993. On his way home from school, merely a week from his 14th birthday, a terrible battle between the forces of Omega and the Freedom League destroyed his neighborhood and killed most of its inhabitants. It could have been the end for James, but strangely his body recovered in a matter of hours. Alone and full of questions, he tried to find his parents, but never did.
A life of scavenging and shoplifting made his path cross Candy’s, another street kid, also more than mere human. She was a few years older than him and controlled fire. They became the closest friends and moved to Freedom City in 1996.

They might have lived happily ever after if they never met Mason Fame, a.k.a. Limitless. Mason always wore the smartest and most expensive tailored suits, Italian hand crafted shoes, smoked Cuban cigars and drove sixteen different cars. He lived in a penthouse on Time Square, had an helipad there when business called for quick action, and an armada of people working for him. Officially, Mason was a stock broker, non officially he was the head of a secret cartel operating in Freedom City. While to this day it is unclear what powers does Mason have, it is certain that he isn’t just a man, a Homo-Inferior as he calls them.
When he found them, Mason saw their potential right away and took them under his wing. He provided to their every need, getting them a flat, new clothes, food, even inscribed them to college. All they had to do was “work” for him every now and then.
They quickly became Limitless favorite agents, from driver, to bodyguard, to enforcer, they did it all. But as the years passed, Mason’s hatred for mankind grew exponentially, forcing James to reconsider his loyalty to his mentor.

On a week end off, which he spent in Chicago, destiny stroke again. Not knowing what to do to kill time, James ended up in the History Museum. The tour was long and boring to him, until on his way out, a crimson spark caught his attention. In a display case laid a sword, and wrapped around its hilt was a medallion, seemingly a very pure ruby. Red was always Candy’s favorite color, and he really liked the sword so…

Back in Freedom City and all proud of his new toy, James shared his intentions to Candy: do one last hit, make loads of money and vanish together for good. They weren’t children anymore, she smiled and embraced him. That was James’ week of his life.
It took them said week to come up with the plan, which they followed to the letter. The Freedom City state Bank had minimum security on a gala night, making it all the easier for them to get in and out unnoticed and loaded with a good few millions. They were in the car, their hearts racing, smiling at each other for all went according to plan, until another crimson spark caught James’ attention. This one right between Candy’s eyes. The half second it took him to react seemed a hundred years, and there was nothing he could do to stop Candy’s brains from exiting her skull. He looked around, and there he was: Limitless, laughing like a maniac and pointing at James. He was shot three times in the chest and fell from the car.
He couldn’t see Candy anymore, could barely move. The only thing he saw was his old mentor now above him, raising his huge caliber to his head. James clutched the medallion to his chest and screamed.

The shot never came. The wind was strong, James opened his eyes to find himself on Freedom Island. The medallion was fastened around his neck, and Rebellion was in his hand.
Candy was dead, Limitless untouchable, James McEvoy was dead. He left for the west coast that very night and never took the time to come back. One day he will have to face his demons, but he’s not quite ready yet.

It took him about four months to arrive in Emerald City, and the rest of a year to settle down. His outgoing personality helping him making valuable friends here and there (bookies, cops, forgers…).
In September 2004, he started studying psychology under his new identity: James Stark. After graduating in psychology, he inscribed himself in sociology, which he graduated too. And now studies criminology.
After nine years of laying low James really thought he made it, that his past was way behind him and that the super humans weren’t all that important after all. That was until the Silver Storm.

The Crimson Blink/ James Stark

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