Amanda Talbot

EC Mayor


A conscientious politician, Amanda has nothing but the good of the city in mind. She is a campaigner for city improvement, and has put the media to good use in bringing her ideas to the public’s attention. Her cheerfully smiling face and exuberant personality is a regular feature on many morning television programs as she happily answers questions regarding her designs and aims for the city and her administration.

Amanda Talbot is a statuesque woman in her early 50s. She prefers wearing sharp business jackets with matching pencil skirts which she accompanies with a light blouse to lend a feminine touch to what she feels may be too austere an image. Her red shoulder-length hair is always smartly styled, and she has a bright, friendly manner. She is unmarried, but lives with her hair-stylist partner in a modest home with two pet Dalmatians and a white Persian cat. Amanda is an avid animal lover and a frequent visitor to both local and interstate dog and cat shows, where she is well known for her sponsorship of a number of animal charities.


Amanda Talbot

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